SPORTING INTERESTS Six Nations Championship 04 February - 18 March, UK, France, Italy
A mesmerising display of raw muscle power, the RBS Six Nations Championship is fought over five winter weekends. The championship brings together the... Read More →

Life & Style

MOTORING Monte Carlo Rally 16 January - 22 January, Monte-Carlo, Monaco The most famous rally in the world celebrated its centenary in 2011. Organised each year by the Automobile Club de Monaco, this event is officially... Read More →
TRAVEL Vienna Ball Season
17 December -23 February Vienna, Austria
In Vienna, the ball season reaches its peak in January and February. The old tradition of carnival balls continues to thrive in the city. While some... Read More →
TRAVEL Venice Carnival
11 February - February 28 Venice, Italy
Join the masked revellers as one of the world's most beautiful cities scintillates with costumes, parties and processions. Held over the two weeks... Read More →
Rio Carnival TRAVEL
24 February - 28 February, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Rio de Janeiro has long been regarded as the Carnival Capital of the World. The Rio Carnaval is not only the biggest Carnival, it as also a... Read More →
26 February, Wembley Stadium, London
Known frequently by the name of its sponsor, as the Milk Cup or Littlewoods Cup in the '80s, the Coca Cola Cup and Rumbelows Cup in the '90s, recently the... Read More →
The Oscars TRAVEL
February 26, Dolby Theatre in Hollywood, Los AngelesUSA
Hollywood's annual tribute to the stars, directors and technicians that make the multi-billion dollar film industry tick is a worldwide... Read More →
Rye Bay Scallop Festival FOOD, DRINK & DINING OUT
18 February - 26 February Rye, East Sussex
The picturesque East Sussex seaside town of Rye hosts this ten-day festival every February - its mouthwatering locally caught scallops are said to... Read More →
16 January - 29 January,Melbourne Park, Melbourne, Australia
The first grand slam tennis tournament of the year, the Australian Open, held in Melbourne, is a highly charged event, in which... Read More →
National Winter Ales Festival FOOD, DRINK & DINING OUT
22 February - 25 February, The World’s Oldest Roundhouse, DerbyA great opening to the year for beer-lovers everywhere - this CAMRA festival presents a selection of over 300 British and foreign... Read More →
The Super Bowl TRAVEL
February 5 NRG Stadium in Houston, Texas. The Super Bowl is the championship game of the National Football League (NFL), the highest level of professional football in the United States, culminating... Read More →

Medical Resources

Cancer System Performance November 2016 A website allows cancer patients, their families and health care providers in Ontario, Canada, to access the province's latest cancer information....
Local Authority Child Health Profiles November 2016 A Child Health Profile has been developed for each local authority and were published by the Child and Maternal Health Observatory’s (ChiMat)...
Guidance for Health Staff on Identifying and Supporting Victims of Human Trafficking November 2016 Guidance has been published which provides guidance and sets out actions for healthcare staff who suspect that their patient may be a victim of...
Antibiotic Resistance - a Threat to Global Health Security and the Case for Action November 2016 The UK delegation to the World Health Assembly in Geneva, led by Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt and Chief Medical Officer Professor Dame Sally Davies,...
Guidance for health professionals on domestic violence November 2016 This guidance helps health professionals to recognise factors that may indicate domestic violence and abuse and describes steps to ensure...
Child Sexual Exploitation November 2016 The Office of the Children's Commissioner’s report on child sexual exploitation in gangs and groups includes a ‘warning signs and vulnerabilities’...
National Hip Fracture Database November 2016 It is estimated that there are 70,000 hip fractures a year in the UK[1] and this is only set to increase as the population gets older. The latest...
Web forum for schizophrenia researchers November 2016 Researchers trying to crack one of medicine's most perplexing unsolved mysteries can now keep abreast of late-breaking developments via the...
Harm Reduction November 2016 Harm Reduction International's mission is to promote harm reduction on a global basis through an integrated programme of research, advocacy,...
Medicines for Children: practical and reliable information for parents and carers November 2016 The vision of Medicines for Children is that any parent, wherever they are, have information on their child’s medicines that they need and can trust.