From SPORTING INTERESTS The Grand National
12 April - 14 April Aintree, Liverpool.

When it comes to horse racing, one race in particular stands out for the fans: the Grand National. Known as ‘the world’s greatest steeplechase,’ the Grand National is run over 4 miles 3 ˝ furlongs, almost two circuits of the famous Aintree racecourse, with competitors jumping 30 fences along the way.

The event is always extremely popular and figures estimate that around The event is always extremely popular and figures estimate that around nine million viewers tuned into the 2014 event in the United Kingdom, displaying the standing that the race enjoys. It has become a social event for many in the UK, with families gathering round their television sets ready to enjoy the race.

The first official Grand National was run in 1839, with the horse ‘Lottery’ officially becoming the first winner of the famous race. Since that day, apart from wartime interruptions, the race has been run at Aintree every year, becoming known as the ultimate test of skill and stamina.

Since the beginning, many entrants have etched their names into Grand National history books, with some memorable races along the way, such as the 1956 Grand National, in which Devon Loch, a horse owned by the Queen Mother, decided to stop and fall to the ground instead of running an extra twenty yards and winning the race.

Another legend of the Grand National is Red Rum, who won the race a record three times during the 1970s. A horse whose popularity may never be beaten, Red Rum was truly one of the best ever.

The 2018 event should once again give us a memorable race, with many entrants attempting to join some of the greatest ever in taking victory. One thing is for sure, the Grand National is a highlight of the sporting calendar for both hardcore and casual fans alike.
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