TRAVEL Rio Carnival 24 February - 28 February, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Rio de Janeiro has long been regarded as the Carnival Capital of the World. The Rio Carnaval is not only the biggest Carnival, it as also a... Read More →
TRAVEL Vienna Ball Season
17 December -23 February Vienna, Austria
In Vienna, the ball season reaches its peak in January and February. The old tradition of carnival balls continues to thrive in the city. While some... Read More →
TRAVEL The Oscars
February 26, Dolby Theatre in Hollywood, Los AngelesUSA
Hollywood's annual tribute to the stars, directors and technicians that make the multi-billion dollar film industry tick is a worldwide... Read More →
Venice Carnival TRAVEL
11 February - February 28 Venice, Italy
Join the masked revellers as one of the world's most beautiful cities scintillates with costumes, parties and processions. Held over the two weeks... Read More →
White Turf International Horse Races TRAVEL
19 February - 26 February, St Moritz, Switzerland
Taking place over three consecutive Sundays in February against the magnificent alpine backdrop of the Saint Engadine, this historic event... Read More →
World Cup Polo On Snow TRAVEL
27 January - 29 January, St Moritz, Switzerland
Watch four high-goal teams battling out for the Cartier Trophy on the frozen surface of Lake St. Moritz. At an altitude of 1800 metres and on... Read More →
La Tamborrada TRAVEL
19 January - 20 January, San Sebastian, Spain
The city of San Sebastian in northern Spain resounds to the sound of drumbeats, when parades of drummers, dressed as chefs or soldiers, take to... Read More →
Ultimate Cycle Challenge TRAVEL
26 February - 27 February Holland. Mass participation cycle rides are springing up all over the world, with any and exotic locations, but you will be hard-pushed to better Italy's Nove Colli to test... Read More →
Antwerp Market TRAVEL
07 December - 05 January, Antwerp, Belgium
The Cathedral of Our Lady is the tallest Gothic church in Europe, and the Grote Markt to its west forms a picturesque setting for this Belgian... Read More →
Skating at The Hôtel de Ville TRAVEL
18 December - 01 March, Place d'Hôtel de Ville, Paris
Ice-skating enthusiasts could not do better than make a winter trip to Paris. Every year a large ice-rink is created outside the Hôtel de... Read More →
Cologne Christmas Market TRAVEL
21 November - 23 December, Cologne, Germany. The city of Cologne offers four traditional Christmas markets around the city, attracting over 2 million visitors each year.
The Cathedral... Read More →
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