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Looked After Children: Knowledge Skills and Competences of Health Care Staff May 2018 Produced by the RCPCH, RCN and RCGP, this document demonstrates the importance of meeting the healthcare needs of looked after children and aids health care staff in understanding their role and... Read More →
Regulations on entry to NHS pharmaceutical market May 2018 The Department of Health has published new Regulations on NHS pharmaceutical services, following consultation. Laid before parliament, recently, the Regulations, NHS (Pharmaceutical Services)... Read More →
Local Authority Child Health Profiles May 2018 Updated versions from the national Child and Maternal Health Observatory (ChiMat) of these snapshots of child health and wellbeing for each council in England have been published.

These... Read More →
Influenza Pandemic Preparedness and Response May 2018 The Department of Health has published operational guidance for health and social care workers to support the implementation of the UK Influenza Pandemic Preparedness Strategy 2011. The guidance... Read More →
Confidence in Caring: a framework for best practice May 2018 Providing care in hospitals today is more complex than ever before. Healthcare has changed, with more technology involved, more specialist care and more complex patient needs.. But the most... Read More →
Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) commissioning toolkit May 2018 A toolkit has been developed to assist commissioners, as part of the suite of documents supporting the outcomes strategy for COPD and asthma. The toolkit is primarily intended as a reference... Read More →
The National Institute on Drug Abuse May 2018 The National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) International Program has introduced a new web page that streamlines access to announcements about the Institute?s activities in the international drug... Read More →
Insight into effects of dementia May 2018 Medical professionals are able to detect subtle changes in the quality of life of people with mild dementia, thanks to a new self-assessment technique that will help improve the timing of additional... Read More →
American Society for Therapeutic Radiology and Oncology May 2018 The American Society for Therapeutic Radiology and Oncology (ASTRO) patient website. The site is dedicated to providing knowledge on radiation therapy treatment for people suffering with cancer.... Read More →
Tackling Stress At Work May 2018 The Government has reaffirmed its commitment to promoting better mental health in the workplace to combat the growing problem of stress.

A report by mental health charity Mind says excessive... Read More →


VR Robotic Urology May 2018 VR Robotic Urology is an innovative new 3D surgery viewing experience for urologists, residents, and medical students to learn about the latest in ro Read More →
UA Balance a motor-cognitive, dual-task training regimen May 2018 Problem: Over 20 million older adults in the US experience falling annually. Thus, a leading cause of traumatic injuries for older adults. Poor balan Read More →
xRapid-Malaria: the automated diagnostic test May 2018 A world first in mobile health, xRapid-Malaria allows health workers from all over the world to diagnose malaria quickly, accurately, with less than Read More →
Portable Automated Rapid Testing (PART) Auditory Processing May 2018 Welcome to our application for Portable Automated Rapid Testing (PART), a program designed to assess auditory processing abilities across a wide rang Read More →
NeoCHART resuscitation record May 2018 NeoCHART creates a real-time accurate resuscitation record for babies.
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Trauma Nursing May 2018 We offer 10 or more free multiple-choice or flashcard style questions. Additional questions for each specialty are available as an in app purchase. < Read More →
AO/OTA Fracture Classification app May 2018 The 2018 AO/OTA Fracture and Dislocation Classification is a streamlined, concise, and clinically relevant tool for coding fractures and dislocations Read More →
Anticoagulation Manager May 2018 The Anticoagulation Manager is a mobile application developed through the collaborative efforts of the CDC and the Georgia Institute of Technology. S Read More →
Gout Diagnosis May 2018 Gout is a tricky diagnosis to make. Rarely is it made via the gold standard technique of synovial aspiration and polarized light microscopy. The vast Read More →
ASCVD Risk Estimator Plus May 2018 The American College of Cardiology (ACC) have launched ASCVD which incorporates a summary of the guidelines plus their new “controversial” risk calcu Read More →
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