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Thyroid cancer cases double in 20 years July 2018 The number of people diagnosed with thyroid cancer in England has doubled since the early 1990s, according to a new data briefing published by the National Cancer Intelligence Network... Read More →
New operating model for the commissioning of armed forces’ health care July 2018 The NHS Commissioning Board has published ‘Securing excellence in commissioning for the armed forces and their families’, which sets out where commissioning responsibility lies for all members of... Read More →
Sexual and reproductive health within mental illness – e-learning in practice July 2018 The Social Care Institute for Excellence (SCIE) has launched a unique new e-learning course aimed to address the poor reproductive and sexual health of people with mental illness. The course, SCIE... Read More →
Obese people may struggle to reach a healthy weight July 2018 Obese men have just a '1 in 210' chance of attaining a healthy body weight, according to the findings of a study that used a GP records database to look at body mass index (BMI) measurements of... Read More →
Change4Life launches smartphone drinks tracker app July 2018 A range of resources to encourage people to cut back on their drinking is now available as part of the nationwide Change4Life campaign. They include a new smartphone app and online drinks checker.... Read More →
Rare and less common cancers: incidence and mortality in England July 2018 A report, published by Cancer52 and the National Cancer Intelligence Network (NCIN) reports on cancers considered rare and less common. The report contains a list of sites and codes for a large... Read More →
Vaccine programmes protecting against meningococcal disease July 2018 NHS England and Public Health England have published two letters to healthcare professionals confirming details of the Men ACWY and Men B vaccination programmes to begin from late Summer 2015. From... Read More →
NPEU Study on Uterine Rupture July 2018 The results of an NIHR funded national study of uterine rupture showed that although uterine rupture is associated with significant mortality and morbidity, even amongst women with a previous... Read More →
The Guttmacher Institute July 2018 A source of reproductive health information and policy analysis in the United States and internationally, the Guttmacher Institute is a reproductive health research organisation situated in New York... Read More →
Better value in the NHS - The role of changes in clinical practice July 2018 In a time of severe financial constraint, the NHS is being asked to make productivity savings of £22 billion by 2020/21. However, this report argues that, rather than looking at efficiency and... Read More →


Directory of Open Access Journals (DOAJ) July 2018 Lund University libraries Directory of Open Access Journals. Supported by the Information Programme of the Open Society Institute along with the SPAR Read More →
MDLinx Resources July 2018 MDLinx, a free website that provides reliable clinical updates. MDLinx aggregates research by disease and therapeutic category, making access to targ Read More →
Sexuality and You July 2018 A popular website on contraception and sexual health spearheaded by Queen's University researchers is ranked among the world?s five top e-health site Read More →
Cancer statistics: availability and location July 2018 Document aims to provide an overview about cancer statistics, including information on statistics publicly available and where to find them. This is Read More →
7-day NHS services: a factsheet July 2018 Hospitals and community services are already working together to create a better service 7 days a week. A recent factsheet describes the further acti Read More →
Challenges to finding treatments for dementia July 2018 A report by Raj Long, Senior Regulatory Officer at the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, sets out what and where hurdles exist in the development of t Read More →
Personal Health Budgets: a guide for GPs July 2018 A practical guide to personal health budgets (PHBs) for GPs in England has been published by the Royal College of General Practitioners.

In No Read More →
Pain Management Training Site July 2018 Inflexxion has unveiled the next generation of its accredited pain assessment and treatment education website. Doctors, nurses, psychologists and pha Read More →
RCGP and Arthritis Research UK e-learning module July 2018 Musculoskeletal Care (MSK) is the focus of a new e-learning course launched recently by the Royal College of General Practitioners (RCGP) in collabor Read More →
Safer mental health services toolkit July 2018 Based on the findings of the National Confidential Inquiry into Suicide and Homicide by People with Mental Illness, this toolkit provides suggestions Read More →
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