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Association Between Patient Age and Lymph Node Positivity in Thin Melanoma July 2017 Study team sought to determine whether there was an association between patient age and lymph node positivity in melanomas that were 0.5-1mm, a group of patients where sentinel lymph node... Read More →
Immune Profiles in Mild and Severe Asthma July 2017 Asthma is a complicated network of inflammatory reactions. It is classified into mild, moderate, and severe persistent asthma. An article published recently in BMC Immunology says that patients... Read More →
Management of acute diarrhoea and vomiting due to gastoenteritis in children under 5 July 2017 A guideline has been issued which applies to children younger than 5 years who present to a healthcare professional for advice in any setting. It covers diagnosis, assessment of dehydration, fluid... Read More →
Glaucoma: diagnosis and management of chronic open angle glaucoma and ocular hypertension July 2017 The advice in a recent NICE guideline covers the diagnosis, treatment and care of:adults (18 years and over) with a diagnosis of the condition known as 'chronic open angle glaucoma' adults with a... Read More →
The Potential For Measles Transmission In England July 2017 Since a major vaccination campaign in 1994, measles has been eliminated from England. Maintaining elimination requires low susceptibility levels to keep the effective reproduction number R below 1.... Read More →
Primary Care Incidence And Treatment Of Four Neuropathic Pain Conditions July 2017 Between 1992 and 2001 the UK general practice incidence of post-herpetic neuralgia and trigeminal neuralgia declined, whilst the incidence of painful diabetic neuropathy increased. The most common... Read More →
Raising Positive Expectations Helps Patients With Minor Ailments July 2017 Consultations for minor ailments constitute a large part of the workload of general practitioners (GPs). As medical interventions are not always available, specific communication strategies, such as... Read More →
Keep Warm Keep Well: Supporting Vulnerable People During Cold Weather July 2017 A leaflet has been published as part of the national Keep Warm Keep well programme, which aims to reduce chronic and acute health risks associated with cold weather. It contains advice for people... Read More →
HIV Post-Exposure Prophylaxis Guidance July 2017 A document has been issued to provide updated guidance on occupational HIV post-exposure prophylaxis (PEP) from the UK Chief Medical Officers' Expert Advisory Group on AIDS (EAGA) issued in February... Read More →
Planning For The Treatment Of Blast Injured Patients July 2017 The Department of Health has issued a document on the treatment of blast injured patients. It contains a large section on pre-hospital treatment (covering assessment, triage and treatment) and notes... Read More →
Services For People With Learning Disabilities or Challenging Behaviour July 2017 A report has been issued to provide best practice guidance to councils with social services responsibilities and health bodies. It is not mandatory and no extra resources will be provided for its... Read More →


Authoritative Health Sciences Website July 2017 Health Sciences Online is a website where anyone can search for and find more than 50,000 courses, references, guidelines, and other expert-reviewed Read More →
Medical Bag Management Tool July 2017 - has been launched to help GPs maintain the contents of their medical bags. From just 2.99 per month, family doctors can subscribe Read More →
RCGP e-Learning Resource for all NHS Family Doctors July 2017 e-GP, an innovative joint project between the RCGP and e-Learning for Healthcare (e-LfH), is available to all NHS GPs. It comprises interactive e-lea Read More →
Online tool to help GPs fight kidney disease July 2017 An online resource to tackle chronic kidney disease (CKD) by improving understanding of the condition and progress made in tackling it has been creat Read More →
Hepatitis C Quick Reference Guide For Primary Care July 2017 The Department of Health has produced a single sheet of concise information and good practice advice about hepatitis C testing and diagnosis for use Read More →
Guide to Patient and Public Involvement in Urgent Care July 2017 The NHS Centre for Involvement has produced a guide for commissioners and providers on implementing an effective system of patient and public involve Read More →
Carbon Monoxide: Are You At Risk? July 2017 The Department of Health has issued information for patients on the dangers of carbon monoxide. It advises people with symptoms of CO poisoning to tu Read More →
Guidance For People Bereaved By Traumatic Death July 2017 The Department of Health has published guidance for those affected by suicide and other sudden, traumatic death. It provides information for healthca Read More →
Parents Guide to Helping Children Maintain a Healthy Weight July 2017 A new patient leaflet, issued by the Department of Health, provides practical tips on how parents can help their children achieve and maintain a heal Read More →
Guide To HIV Post-Exposure Prophylaxis (PEP) July 2017 Updated guidance on occupational HIV post-exposure prophylaxis (PEP) from the UK Chief Medical Officers' Expert Advisory Group on AIDS (EAGA) has bee Read More →
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