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Advanced level nursing: a position statement January 2018 The Department of Health has developed a position statement on advanced level nursing, in conjunction with its partners. It is intended to be used as a benchmark to enhance patient safety and the... Read More →
Carers and Personalisation: Improving Outcomes January 2018 The Department of Health has published a guide on emerging evidence, which includes examples to illustrate how the principles of personalisation have been applied, emphasising the value of finding... Read More →
Retrovirology Journal January 2018 Retrovirology is an Open Access journal publishing papers on all aspects of basic research in retrovirology, with special emphasis on human retroviruses.

Retroviruses are pleiotropically... Read More →
Neurology January 2018 The official journal of the American Academy of Neurology. Provides free access to tables of contents and abstracts of issues from 1995 to the present. Members and journal subscribers can access the... Read More →
Patient safety guide January 2018 A full reference guide to patient safety, has been published on the National Patient Safety Agency?s (NPSA) website.

Seven Steps to Patient Safety offers staff involved in primary and... Read More → complete HIV/AIDS Resource January 2018 has released an in-depth assessment of women and HIV in the United States. Overwhelmingly poor, and with 60% caring for at least one child under the age of 16, women with HIV are the... Read More →
HealthiNation - interactive video website January 2018 HealthiNation, a health education network, has launched video programming at The network was created to provide an in-depth and entertaining health learning experience through... Read More →
Web 2.0 Systems Supporting Childhood Chronic Disease Management January 2018 Chronic disease management is a global health concern. By the time they reach adolescence, 10-15% of all children live with a chronic disease. The role of educational interventions in facilitating... Read More →
National Institute On Aging January 2018 High blood pressure often is called ?the silent killer? because many people don?t know they have it. Even though it doesn?t cause symptoms, high blood pressure is a major health risk. If it isn?t... Read More →


ONCO Assist January 2018 Oncoassist app was designed by oncologists keeping in mind the clinical needs that arise while treating cancer patients. Oncoassist is a comprehensiv Read More →
Clinical Governance and Adult Safeguarding: an Integrated Process January 2018 The aim of recent best practice guidance, published by the Department of Health (England) is to encourage organisations to develop local robust arran Read More →
Laceration repair and digital blocks January 2018 This website was created and is managed by Dr. Brian Lin, a board certified Emergency Medicine physician who practices at Kaiser Permanente in San Fr Read More →
Clinical Advisor January 2018 Clinical Advisor is the first app created specifically for nurse practitioners and physician assistants, from the publishers of the number one print Read More →
Cancer Emergency Response Tool January 2018 The Cancer Emergency Response Tool (CERT) allows cancer patients to rapidly and effectively manage chemotherapy toxicity and disease-related problems Read More →
Cardiology Advisor app January 2018 The Cardiology Advisor is a free, simple to use, medical app designed to be the essential resource for cardiology specialists and healthcare provider Read More →
Prognosis: Your Diagnosis January 2018 Test your medical decision-making skills in a risk-free environment; assess your clinical knowledge on the go or in your spare moments; learn about d Read More → mobile by ASCO January 2018 The mobile app by ASCO provides info on 120 types of cancer, including treatment information, managing side effects, costs of care. In add Read More →
Monthly Prescribing Reference January 2018 The MPR App is your all-in-one drug information resource accessible anytime, anywhere. The 30th Anniversary Edition of the MPR App provides the conci Read More →
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