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Our Children Deserve Better: Prevention Pays December 2016 The Chief Medical Officer, Dame Sally Davies, published Volume 2 of her 2012 Annual Report recently. The report calls on government, the whole health service, social care and education professionals... Read More →
Care Leaver Strategy December 2016 The Department for Education has published the Care Leaver Strategy. This cross-departmental strategy document sets out in one place the steps the government is taking – from housing to health... Read More →
New and Emerging Evidence on the Ongoing Needs of Cancer Survivors December 2016 The British Journal of Cancer has published a supplement on cancer survivorship. Read More →
Management of HIV-infected healthcare workers December 2016 The outcome of the consultation on the management of HIV-infected healthcare workers has been published.

The people who responded to the consultation generally agreed with the changes... Read More →
Online Toolkit for Medical Responses to Radiation Emergencies December 2016 The US Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) has developed a downloadable online diagnostic and treatment toolkit designed for health care providers, primarily doctors, who may have to... Read More →
Learning disabilities good practice project report December 2016 The Learning Disabilities Good Practice Project gives people who commission, design and deliver services a better understanding of how to improve the lives of people with learning... Read More →
American Foundation for the Blind December 2016 The American Foundation for the Blind (AFB), The Senior Site, designed to help older Americans with age-related eye problems such as macular degeneration and cataracts live independently and... Read More →
NHS Stop Smoking Services monitoring guidance December 2016 Guidance has been published for everyone involved in managing, commissioning or delivering NHS stop smoking services. It has been developed by means of a collaboration with representatives from... Read More →
Children and Young People’s Health Outcomes Forum December 2016 The Children and Young People’s Health Outcomes Forum held its Annual Summit recently. The Forum is an independent expert advisory group of professionals and representatives from across the... Read More →
Clinical research in inflammatory bowel disease December 2016 The Foundation for Clinical Research in Inflammatory Bowel Disease has launched, a new information site designed for those concerned about inflammatory bowel disease, the collective term... Read More →


Journal of Medical Internet Research December 2016 The "Journal of Medical Internet Research" (JMIR; ISSN 1438-8871, Medline-abbreviation: J Med Internet Res), founded in 1999, is a leading health inf Read More →
Information service for parents: evaluation report December 2016 The NHS ISP was launched in May 2012 to provide trusted, high-quality information to new and expectant parents.

A recent report evaluates the Read More →
Review of quality and extent of dementia care December 2016 Dementia: A state of the nation report on dementia care and support in England sets sets out what is known about dementia care, support and research. Read More →
Manual for Cancer Services: Chemotherapy Measures December 2016 Following a three month consultation period the revised chemotherapy measures were published recently for inclusion in the Manual for Cancer Services Read More →
RCGP TARGETs antibiotics prescribing December 2016 The RCGP has launched a toolkit containing new guidance for GPs and their patients on the appropriate prescription of antibiotics. The guidance provi Read More →
WISER application for first responders December 2016 WISER is an application designed to assist first responders in hazardous material incidents. It provides a wide range of information on hazardous sub Read More →
Research on treating bacterial meningitis December 2016 Bacterial meningitis in children is a devastating condition, which if left untreated can lead to deafness, seizures, epilepsy, cerebral palsy and oth Read More →
Mental health: priorities for change December 2016 The document sets out 25 priorities for change. It details how changes in local service planning and delivery will make a difference to the lives of Read More →
Tackling obesity December 2016 A report on a Public Health England survey of 136 local authorities and directors of public health on their obesity priorities has been published. Th Read More →
Suicide prevention report December 2016 The Department of Health has issued the first annual report on the suicide prevention strategy for England. The annual report summarises the developm Read More →
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