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Hands-on Cardiac Morphology Workshops April 2017 This series of Workshops takes participants through specific heart malformations with emphasis on Echo-Morphologic correlates and Surgical / Interventional Morphology.
The hands-on sessions are... Read More →
Meningococcal C vaccine – updated information about the ‘freshers’ dose April 2017 Further to their announcement in March 2014, Public Health England has now formerly launched the four year Meningococcal C vaccination catch-up programme for new students. ‘Freshers’ between the... Read More →
Deaths Following Heart Surgery Could Be Reduced April 2017 Patients and clinicians alike consider coronary bypass surgery to be routine and safe, but the latest findings from the National Confidential Enquiry into Patient Outcome and Death (NCEPOD) show... Read More →
A Systematic Review Of Tests for Lymph Node Status In Primary Endometrial Cancer April 2017 The lymph node status of a patient is a key determinate in staging, prognosis and adjuvant treatment of endometrial cancer. Despite this, the potential additional morbidity associated with... Read More →
Family History Will Not Predict Early Onset Breast Cancer In A Population-Based Setting April 2017 An increased risk of breast cancer for relatives of breast cancer patients has been demonstrated in many studies, and having a relative diagnosed with breast cancer at an early age is an indication... Read More →
Pitfalls In The Assessment Of Irregular Bleeding April 2017 The levonorgestrel-releasing intra-uterine device Mirena is an effective, long term form of contraception that leads to a significant reduction of menstrual bleeding among majority of women.... Read More →
Achieving better mental health access by 2020 April 2017 A recent report shows what action the government is taking to provide better access to care in mental health services within the next year, including national waiting time standards for the first... Read More →
Health literacy training for resident doctors April 2017 Nearly 50 percent of Americans lack the literacy skills needed to function effectively in today's health care environment, according to the Institute of Medicine Committee on Health Literacy.... Read More →
Controlling childbirth pain tied to lower depression risk April 2017 Controlling pain during childbirth and post delivery is linked to reduced risk of postpartum depression, says a perinatal psychiatrist, based on a new study. Read More →
Scope early years website April 2017 Scope, the national disability organisation, which celebrated its 60th Anniversary in 2012, also launched its innovative Early Years website.

The interactive website was launched in response... Read More →
National Alliance for Research on Schizophrenia and Depression April 2017 Founded in 1981, the National Alliance for Research on Schizophrenia and Depression (NARSAD) is a not-for-profit public charity that is primarily concerned with raising funds for the purpose of... Read More →


Online tool takes the headache out of sick leave April 2017 NHS Employers has launched a free online tool to further improve the management of staff sick leave in the NHS. The tool is designed to help managers Read More →
Late cancer diagnosis costing lives and money April 2017 The late diagnosis of almost all types of cancer usually means the disease has already spread within the body, making it less treatable, reducing a p Read More →
Shingles Q and A for healthcare professionals April 2017 Shingles is a common disease that can cause long-lasting, severe pain. It can cause permanent disability, and it occurs more frequently in those over Read More →
Report on deaths from head and neck cancers in England April 2017 Public Health England’s National End of Life Care Intelligence Network has published a new report examining who dies from head and neck cancers and w Read More →
The Nursing Roadmap for Quality April 2017 The Nursing Roadmap for Quality has been designed help nurses and their teams understand the elements of the quality framework that relate to nursing Read More →
Website attempts to reduce teen suicide and depression April 2017 Attempted suicide continues to grow among teenagers and girls are at greatest risk, according to a suicide prevention survey handed out during in-sch Read More →
Improving emotional wellbeing in postnatal care April 2017 This report looks into the experiences of midwives, maternity support workers, student midwives and mothers around the issues of maternal mental heal Read More →
Sexual and Reproductive Health Profiles update April 2017 The Sexual and Reproductive Health Profiles tool has been updated. Among other developments, PDF report printouts are now available for local authori Read More →
The Healthy Heart Handbook for Women April 2017 This newly revised handbook provides new information on women?s heart disease and practical suggestions for reducing personal risk of heart-related p Read More →
Sick Kids launch resource centre April 2017 Sick Kids is a resource where parents can read about the latest child health news, find in-depth information on complex medical conditions, or search Read More →
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