NHS Digital

November 2018


Country of origin: UK

Our work

Transforming health and care through technology

Delivering the strategy set out in Personalised Health and Care 2020.

Our role and remit in the health service
NHS Digital supplies information and data to the health service, provides vital technological infrastructure, and helps different parts of health and care work together.

Keeping patient data safe

We are the guardians of patient data, making sure it's protected, and only ever used for the good of health and care. We advise health and care on cyber and data security.

Digital inclusion for health and social care

A guide to help providers, commissioners, and designers create products and services which are inclusive of all types of user, and accessible to those with additional needs.

Digital transformation blog

Read about how NHS Digital and NHS England are working together, and with partners, to transform health and care.

Digital, research, informatics and virtual environments (DRIVE) partnership

A new technology innovation centre has opened at Great Ormond Street Hospital, with backing from us and several technology companies, to transform the use of technology in healthcare.

NHS digital, data and technology standards

NHS Digital has published a draft of a new framework that will set out the core standards on technology and data by which all IT systems and digital services in the NHS must abide.

Our leadership and governance
NHS Digital Board

Our Board is made up of our executive directors and non-executive directors, and reports the the Department of Health and Social Care (DHSC).


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