Electrical​ ​Security​ ​Fire​ ​Ltd
Electrical​ ​Security​ ​Fire​ ​Ltd
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For hundreds of businesses that have to take the protection of staff, premises and data very seriously, Electrical​ ​Security​ ​Fire​ ​Ltd are the chosen specialists for design, installation and maintenance of security based systems. We are the modern, forward-thinking security specialists, set up to provide fast, efficient solutions to clients, by being a trusted partner that can be counted upon. We offer a fantastic range of both wireless and hard-wired solutions with the most advanced technologies, all of which combines to give you the most effective CCTV, Access Control Devices, Electrical Rewiring, Intruder Alarms and Fire Alarm Systems to keep you safe.

Our guarantee of quality involves full testing of all systems and cabling after project completion. All supplied equipment comes with manufacturer warranties, and we provide detailed drawings of the network for ease of maintenance and diagnosis of problems that may occur in the future. We employ some of the most knowledgeable technicians and accomplished electrical engineers in our ranks, so whenever you need support at an inconvenient time, Electrical​ ​Security​ ​Fire​ ​Ltd will make a stressful situation a little easier.

Nowadays medical practices hold vast amounts of personal data, coupled with this the wider use of computers and expensive equipment, has increased the attraction to crime. Equally so staff protection can be a pressing issue. No matter your circumstances, whether a single location, through to large or sensitive business environments, we are here to offer our considerable expertise in electrical services and security solutions that help to safeguard you against the worst possible outcomes; such as damage, fire, theft, injury, fines, contravention of legislation and insurance policies. When you need fantastic advice plus an impressive choice of protective solutions, simply call Electrical​ ​Security​ ​Fire​ ​Ltd.

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