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Clean Shield
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Clean Shield Professional are a small company determined not to be 'just another cleaning company'.

Our services have not been designed to be at the 'lowest price angle' suited to taking on and managing too many contracts. Instead we base our business on serving fewer clients with outstanding quality, reliability and personnel service. This means the highest levels of cleaning, tailored to meet any challenge, using the latest technology, carried out safely with care and consideration for your environment, whilst still at a competitive price.

The art of really good cleaning does not revolve around a visibly clean environment, we all know this is not an effective method to control bacteria & viruses. Decontamination cleaning is the method to remove, kill and prevent the things we canít see, such as MRSA and other pathogenic micro-organisms. And it's very much a case of prevention is better than cure. Hygiene safety for medical locations is our specialist area. Our surface cleaning systems are second to none in addressing the latent high risk of contamination. We also have the resources, equipment and more importantly the expertise to deal with the most contaminated scenes. We can validate our work to prove that the hazard has been completely removed and we understand the importance of prompt action to resolve problems effectively.

Having worked in the industry for over 30 years, beginning with cleaning at Gloucestershire Royal Hospital, you can rest assured that I am committed to providing high standards. Using our services isnít just a guarantee of a job well done and quickly executed Ė it safeguards your organisationís reputation, bringing peace of mind that comes from knowing the health and well-being of your staff and patients are in safe hands.

Call us anytime, our team will be delighted to lend our expertise and help with any enquiry.

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