Secom Plc
Secom Plc
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SECOM is one of the world?s leading electronic security companies, operating in 12 countries with a 43,000 - strong workforce.

Our roots are in Japan, where we developed our distinctive service-orientated approach to state-of-the-art security.

Security at hospitals and surgeries is a serious issue. It?s crucial that staff can go about their business feeling safe and focused. And that patients can feel relaxed as they recover from illness or trauma.

SECOM can provide a range of integrated security features to make hospitals and surgeries safer for everyone; from access control and CCTV monitoring, to intruder alarms and patient tagging.

SECOM believe that NHS trusts and other health bodies can achieve significant benefits from relatively small investments in the latest security technology. Working in partnership with the health sector, Secom is providing expert advice on security improvement, crime reduction and confrontation avoidance ? ultimately making hospitals the safe places they should be. SECOM has devised a seminar programme for NHS trusts, outlining practical solutions to the dramatic increase in assaults on health workers. Why not contact us for a free security survey or speak to us about our health secure seminars and see if one can benefit you and your team. Call 020 8645 5452

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