Healthway UK Ltd
Healthway UK Ltd
Unit 1 Dowty Park,
Thornton Road,
Milford Haven,
SA73 2RS

tel: 0208 144 7815

Healthway UK Ltd is the UK Distributor for Healthway Air Purification Products. These air purifiers have been developed in the USA and offer unbeatable air cleaning efficiency and effectiveness.

Reduce sick days in your office! - by removing the bacteria, viruses, germs and allergens etc from the air in your office, you can drastically reduce the number of days lost from sickness in your workplace. The Healthway 20600-03 air purifier DOES make a difference:

  • Improved breathing for more alert employees
  • Removal of germs and viruses from air, reduces the risk of illness
  • Improved recovery times from common colds
  • Reduction in dust improves lifespan of IT equipmnet

Healthway Air Purifiers are the most advanced portable air purifiers on the market, using the patented EMF air filtration system, the Healthway air purifier destroys up to 100% of the bacteria, viruses and pollutants in your air.

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