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AIRELEC MAINTENANCE are a great team of airconditioning engineers, who are highly trained and up to date with all aspects of modern technology, environmental and safety issues. We specialise in high quality installation of the most efficient and suitable renewable / energy efficient solutions for our clients.

Central heating was a good step forward but the old ways are not necessarily the best ways. The modern approach uses air conditioning to produce the conditions you want, where you want them and when you want them. Properly designed air conditioning gives a cost-effective and controlled way to manage temperatures.

Your environment has a huge impact on your health and well-being. Filtered air removes pollen, dust mites and other irritants that cause and exacerbate allergies - and odours so air is clean & fresh. The fact you can keep your windows closed means you can have better security and fewer flies and other insects while maintaining the temperatures you want in the summer as well as the winter.

Your staff are your greatest asset and temperature has a real measurable effect on productivity. Having a space that is too hot in the summer directly affects your performance. Itís the same if the temperature falls too far. Air conditioning is much more responsive than central heating systems, quicker to warm up or cool down and capable of being managed to produce different temperatures in different areas as desired, because not everyone is the same. Dehumidification also reduces problems of damp.

There are cost and safety benefits from removing old gas central heating systems & replacing with air conditioning. Air conditioning units are programmable and the faster response time means you can run them for less time in advance than you can with central heating. Air conditioning maintenance is usually cheaper than boiler servicing and heating, achieved through a high-efficiency heating pump, can consume an energy saving 80% less energy than other forms of electric heating - and there is a reduction in the risk of gas leaks & water leaks.

For exceptional expertise in cooling, heating and ventilation for all environments, contact
AIRELEC MAINTENANCE a great team of engineers.

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