Prime Pharmacare Ltd
Prime Pharmacare Ltd
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A highly professional outsourcing service offers a tactical solution to addressing specific business challenges such as rising medical and operational costs while maintaining operational efficiency and the quality of care. Prime Pharmacare are experts in sourcing. We procure ranges of pharmaceutical products from the UK, Europe and USA with a focus on reducing costs, because that represents a constant challenge for healthcare organisations.

Choosing us as your partner means having the support of an organisation that understands how sourcing can be disproportionately demanding of financial and human resources, how it can also be logistically difficult for clients, plus how it can be a distraction from the main task of running your clinical priorities. As experts in our field and possessing an in-depth knowledge of the pharmaceutical marketplace around the world, we are able to pay detailed attention to each of our customers and provide completely personalised services that adapt to changing needs.

Our service is fully compliant with the Guidelines for Good Distribution Practices (GDP) and we hold a valid Wholesale Dealers License (No. WL 40398) issued by the MHRA. We can source for you:

♦ Pharmaceuticals♦ Unlicensed Pharmaceuticals♦ Named Patient Medicine Supplies♦ Medicines in Short Supply♦ Clinical Trials♦ Hard to Find♦ Preservative Free♦ Sugar Free♦ Liquid Preparations♦ Non-standard Preparations♦ Unusual Mixtures♦ Bespoke Products♦ Non-standard Creams♦ Special Recipes♦ Medical Products♦ Surgical Instruments♦ Diagnostic Equipment♦ Vitamins and Supplements♦ Homeopathic and Complementary Medicines♦ Discontinued Medicines.

Prime Pharmacare Ltd offers a reliable, proactive and ethical service, that maintains our customers’ confidentiality at all times.

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